Screen Printer

Screen Printer Screen Printer Screen Printer
Technical Parameters
Item Number HS350PN Printing Speed 1000pcs/ hour
Max. Printing Diameter 110mm Max. Screen Frame Size 350×500 mm
Max. Printing Size 250×350mm
Air Consumption 2.1L /cycle Power 20W
Air Supply 6 bar Voltage 220V/ 1 Phase 50/60HZ
Dimension 720×760×1680mm Net Weight 170kg

The screen printer introduces the electric eye to sense all the positions for high accuracy and excellent function. Controlled by microcomputer, the product can perform stably. With the guide pillar structure available, the squeegee moves from left to right smoothly to facilitate the improvement of printing quality. By adopting the German FESTO or ORIGA pneumatic components, the printing accuracy can be guaranteed. Meanwhile, the screen frame can move up and down accurately with the assistance of guide pillar.

This type of screen printing machine can set two functional programs of single cycle printing and automatic printing as customers' requests. The set program can be remembered by the product to bring convenience for users. The product can also set printing once, twice, etc. It is mainly used for printing regular articles with flat surface as well as cylindrical, conical and circle surface. The screen printer is also recommended for printing irregular articles.

This flat and cylindrical screen printing machine is designed especially for big-volume articles and small design, such as pail, bucket, gas tank, solar cell and so on.
As a veteran manufacturer of screen printing machine, Hengjin also provides a wide range of products, such as: cylindrical screen printer, manual screen printer, flat screen printing machine and run-table screen printer.
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