4 Color Pad Printing Machine

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4 Color Pad Printing Machine

Though with slower printing speed than the turntable product, the 4 color pad printing machine is suitable for bigger target products and design. It can print every color on every material. Controlled by advanced microcomputer system, the product can perform steadily. It has two programs with single cycling and automatic printing. Through mutual side pressure of two cylinders, the positioning is accurate and stable. The special shock absorber is equipped to the machine for smooth operation. The scraper speed can be adjusted to achieve superior performance. In addition, the 4 color pad printing machine has operational panel with touch sensitive system which can help the user to conduct printing directly and conveniently. This touch sensitive system reacts quickly.

The product with the model of HP-300DY has the closed ink cup system. It has the merit of environment protection for less volatile of thinner and ink. The technical parameters are as follows.
1. Item Number: HP-300DY
2. Max. Ink Usage: 98.5%
3. Ink Cup Diameter: 135mm
4. Max. Metal Cliché Size: 150×300mm (8×12 inches)
5. Max. Printing Size: 120×120mm (4.7× 4.7 inches)

Technical Parameters
Item Number: HP-300D Printing Colors Four
Printing Speed 400pcs/ hour Distance of U Tray 177.8mm
Max. Metallic Plate 150×300mm(6×12 inches) Max. Printing Size 120×250mm
Worktable Size 220×285mm Distance of Two Ink Trays 177.8
Adjustable Pad Size on Target Products 10-80 mm Adjustable Pad Size on the Metallic Plate 10-80 mm
Voltage 220 VAC/ 1 Phase 20W Air Supply 6 bar
Dimension 1200×1160×1680mm Net Weight 520 kg

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