Single Color Pad Printing Machine

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Single Color Pad Printing Machine

The well-designed and universal HP-160A single color pad printing machine is suitable to print on substrate with bigger size. The stroke of the pad moving from back to front is 160mm. Equipped with 4-digit automatic counter, the product is semi-automatic and controlled via microcomputer. It also has two programs of single cycling and automatic printing.

Technical Parameters of HP-160A
Item Number HP-160A Printing Colors One
Printing Speed 1800pcs/hour Max. Height of Products 200mm
Max. Metallic Plate 100×150mm(4×6 inches) Max. Printing Size: 75× 125mm (3× 5 inches)
Worktable Size 100× 180mm Stroke of Pad 160mm
Adjustable Pad Size on Target Products 10-60 mm Adjustable Pad Size on the Metallic Plate 10-60 mm
Voltage 220 VAC/ 1 Phase 20W Air Supply 6 bar
Dimension 710×600×1420mm Net Weight 106kg

The open ink cup pad printing machine has swift printing speed. Several sets of the equipment can form a production line. As a result of the adjustable worktable which can be adjusted at any angle with the directions of front, back, left and right, the equipment can fix the position accurately. Its cylinder and electric components all come from the famous companies of German FESTO, Japanese SMC or BOSCH. The hardness of the adopted screw is 8.75 degree. By using the cast alloy aluminum to produce the body, the product is light and hardy with fine structure. It is often employed for necessities, toys, electrons, electrical equipment, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry, food packages, etc.

Technical Parameter of Each Cylinder
Name of Cylinder Size Supplier Pressure 4bar 5bar 6bar
The Cylinder for Pads Moving Up and Down Diameter: 50×80 mm German FESTO Rise Pressure 82.5kgf 99kgf 82.5kgf
Drop Pressure 98.2kgf 117.8kgf 98.2kgf
The Cylinder for Pads Moving from Front to Back Diameter:32×160 mm German FESTO Forward Pressure 35.3kgf 42.4kgf 35.3kgf
Fall Back Pressure 29.7kgf 35.6kgf 29.7kgf
The Cylinder for Doctor Blade Diameter: 32×10 mm German FESTO Forward Pressure 29.7kgf 35.6kgf 29.7kgf
Fall Back Pressure 35.3kgf 42.4kgf 35.3kgf

The product with closed ink cup system uses the thinner and ink with less volatile, which can create a good working environment. Its technical parameters are listed below.
1. Item Number: HP-160AY
2. Max. Ink Usage: 98.5%
3. Ink Cup Diameter: 90mm
4. Max. Metal Cliché Size: 100×200mm (4×8 inches)
5. Max. Printing Size: 75×75mm (3×3 inches)
6. Stroke of Ink Cup: 120mm

This ink cup pad printing machine is a hot sale and unique product in pad printing business. This commodity is suitable for printing products in longer length. It is featured with high speed, precision printing effect and a tolerance of ±0.03 mm.
As a professional manufacturer and supplier of high speed and high precision pad printing machine in China, Dongguan Hengjin Printing Machinery Company have respectively 10 years of manufacturing experience and 8 years of international marketing experience.
The quality guarantee period of our product is 3 years. For any problem please contact us, and we can provide solution within 24 hours.

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